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Dowsings Testimonials 

I’m writing this because the gifts and talents that Darlis posses should not be kept a secret! My husband and I were getting ready to hold a very special large event in our home, we live in a warm climate, sharing our home with 3 indoor/outdoor cats. Exactly one week prior to this event, we started itching and realized our home had been infested with flea’s, imagine our horror! We do not believe in chemicals for us or our beloved animals. What were we going to do? I timidly called Darlis and asked if she thought Dowsing would aid us. She came straight away with no time to waste. She did a complete dowsing, she set up all of her sacred Geometry tools in addition to her dowsing rings and crystal cures. Her Akashic Records said they would be driven from the home within two days. She also shared her ant story with us, she suffered from ant populations in her home for over 16 years and after her first dowsing they no longer liked the frequency in the home and have been gone for over 5 years. She felt certain this would be the case with the fleas. It worked! My husband was amazed, he is an engineer by trade and wants to know how everything works, he has learned with Darlis to just be grateful! We were only able to have this home gathering because of Darlis’s skills, heart and wonderful energy. We can’t thank her enough.


Much love,

Jenny and Dan T.

My spouse and I moved into a great home with enough space for us to hold our Spiritual Retreats, however, as soon as we moved in Chrissy got very ill, unexplained skin rashes, flu-like symptoms as well. It’s not like my wife to be sick, ever! We were due to attend a weekend event where Darlis’s was a presenter on Dowsing, we nearly didn’t attend because of my wife being so ill. She rallied a bit so we decided to attend. After Darlis spoke we couldn’t get to her fast enough to see if she could come to our home. She agreed and found some very interesting things out about the home. We did some fast research and confirmed everything she was telling us, it was amazing, she set all the cures. She even involved us in the process which we appreciated, and Chrissy is no longer sick and our Retreat business has flourished! We would recommend her services to anyone. Invest the time and resources to you and your home and it will be well worth the investment.


Thank you Darlis,
Kevin and Chrissy B. 


My experience with Darlis Mayes’s Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing: when I contacted Darlis for help I knew nothing regarding dowsing, boy was I in for an education! I was living on 58 ranch acres in the middle of Utah, with my spouse of many years. We had come through the financial crisis of 2008, fairly intact with building our 6 bedroom dream home, now our work was very slow, I came from my corporate job, my husband had retired early and was a painting contractor on the side and now he had no work. We were concerned about losing it all. A friend suggested Darlis and I must admit it felt like such a long shot, that my spouse didn’t even want to hear about.
When she was going to be in the area and said she had a willingness to drive several hours out of her way to check things out and I felt her heart. She was here to assist the land the home and the people living in it. I decided to part with the fee and give her a try. She came with all of her tools. Dowsing rings, rods, going into the Akashic Records, she spoke to the stewards of the lands, she was visited by Native Americans that lived on the lands eon’s ago during the night before. They shared with her how excited they were for her to be here assisting the land for the first time since they left the land and that they and all the animals would be assisting her tomorrow. I never told her about the Native American graveyard on the property, so I was already impressed.
When she checked in with the land spirits, the home, the animals, and people in it, she asked if the horses were ill, their energy was checking in lower then anything on the land or in the buildings. Turns out a Native American that had not crossed over was causing havoc in the barn each night. Spirit was successfully sent to the light to be with his family. Darlis worked for many hours, she released abundance blocks, interference lines, geopathic stress grids, stated that energy from a power grid was coming straight through the front door. The power company had an off-site small power station up on the ridge above our property. After that cure, the power company came out the very next day, my husband had never seen anyone there ever, now there were 3 trucks, they were setting up a porta potty! My spouse went up to ask them what was going on, they replied that this power grid was mostly for a local mine that was shut down now and this site was no longer needed they were here to shut it down. My spouse was amazed knowing what Darlis had stated yesterday that she placed cures to stop that energy from coming into the house. My spouse also got a big contracted for work signed that week (abundance grids cleared). Our finances started to turn around, I got a new job offer, things felt more harmonious in the home, our sick older cat started moving around better.
Let's move ahead 3 years, Darlis had also conducted several Akashic Record readings for me over time. I was feeling unsettled in my marriage and stifled in my Spiritual growth. It was suggested I could move to a different area of the country to meet more open-minded people. I was surprised and did not want to leave my dream home that I had worked so hard for. It turns out my spouse had been having a long-term affair that I knew nothing about! I had married very young, was devastated, now during the divorce, we would need to sell the property, land values were at the lowest point. My house was
financially underwater. The Akashic Records stated I could sell the house with ease and grace for my asking price and get it. Well 1-year later, I’m happily divorced, sold my home at the asking price and keeping the land intact. Moved to where it’s sunny and warm in the winter and Darlis has even aided me in introducing me to my new local spiritual community. Of course, my new home was dowsed by Darlis. I’ve not been this happy for a very long time. Darlis doesn’t do just a dowsing she brings all of her gifts, energy, and talents to ensure all needs are meant for the highest and best good. I can not thank you enough for my new life’s adventure!

Sherry S. Utah

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